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Hyper-Scaling Innovative Businesses, Ensuring Successful Exits & more.

Maximize your business potential with expert guidance on growth, innovation and business Improvement strategies, ensuring your success at every stage. 

mark ullah consulting
Growth Mindset
mark ullah growth and innovation consulting

Korah Kattapuram | Global Strategy & Engagement Manager at Google

Mark is a highly talented individual, who has deep technical and business strategy skills. He has the ability to dive into the detail as needed, whilst keeping an eye on the "big picture" to ensure the business needs are always being met.

mark ullah growth and innovation consulting

Kaisu Christie | Group Chief Digital Officer for EIB.

Mark has a unique skillset with a solid understanding of business strategy and levers that are required to be pulled to achieve it.  Mark thinks outside the usual patterns, and draws information and people from various sources to come up with new business options and solutions to achieve goals.

mark ullah growth and innovation consulting

Jules Snow | Growth Lead at


We have had a great experience with Mark as we brought our service offering to market. His relax manor and in-depth knowledge  proved to be invaluable to our product strategy and commercial aspirations.

mark ullah growth and innovation consulting

Dean Economou | Chief Transport Strategist at Telstra

Mark impressed me as as someone who is incredible at working around organisational restrictions to achieve his goals. Add to this a delightfully affable nature and deep strategic insight and you have an extremely valuable person in your organisation.


About Me ME

mark ullah consulting

"Mark helped us rethink how we position our services in Australia, opening up several new revenue streams and channels to market - Paul, Growth Natives"

Mark Ullah specialises in helping business owners in-organically scale their business through growth, Innovation & talent management strategies.  

I'm not your typical business advisor.  My role isn't to come into your business and tell you how to organically grow - you have done that on your own!

But here is the problem I see regularly:


Founders and business leaders are bogged down by day-to-day operations, hindering their ability to focus on growth and innovation; resulting in missed opportunities, no market differentiation, linear sales growth, reduced customer demand and poor exits.

I provide founders and business leaders with the freedom to focus on growth and innovation, while driving increased revenue and differentiation in market.  By freeing up valuable time, I empower my clients to unlock their full potential and achieve their growth objectives.

How?  Simple.  I focus on 5 key areas of business

  1. Product Innovation: Developing new products or improving existing ones. 

  2. Process Innovation: Enhancing business processes for better efficiency. 

  3. Business Model Innovation: Changing the way a company creates, delivers, and captures value. 

  4. Service Innovation: Improving or introducing new services to meet customer needs. 

  5. Business Transaction Innovation: Building a business that is commercially appealing, ensuring a successful exit.


If you’re craving in-organic growth, from a growth leader who has worked with some of AU’s most successful companies – that’s me.


I will challenge your thinking, un-earth hidden value and help you reimagine your business - but only if you are ready to think, and invest, outside the box.

mark ullah growth and innovation consulting

What I do, in a nutshell.

mark ullah growth and innovation consulting
mark ullah growth and innovation consulting

Founder Services

Build a growth strategy that attracts investment from around the world.

  • Customised Funding Strategies

  • Investor Matchmaking

  • Pitch Deck Development

  • Investor Presentation Preparation

  • Due Diligence Support

  • Negotiation Assistance

  • Start-up package (turn key)

    • business name, website, CRM, company registration (if required), marketing and accounting tools and more.

mark ullah growth and innovation consulting

Growth Head Hunting

We love specialists and the world needs them, but not when it comes to scaling a business.


Access our database of trusted General Managers (with Growth Mindsets) to help you scale your business, sustainably.

Step away from the day-to-day and focus on in-organic growth, whilst your business is in great hands.

mark ullah growth and innovation consulting

Commercial Due Diligence

M&A often relies heavily on traditional due-diligence  (accounting and legal).

The value of a company can be positively be impacted by understanding the commercial aspects of a business - not just the financial health. 


Commercial due-diligence supports buyers and sellers to unearth more value in the transaction of a business - often increasing the valuation.

We also help owners differentiate by establishing governance, risk and compliance maturity.

mark ullah growth and innovation consulting

Business Growth Solutions

We don't do organic growth but in order to in-organically grow, you'll need to have the basics right.

Take our COMPLIMENTARY BUSINESS HEALTH CHECK TODAY.  You'll be supplied with a report which articulates findings from 8 keys areas of business - helping you prepare for in-organic growth.

mark ullah growth and innovation consulting

Innovation Solutions

Hyper-scaling a business requires innovation - in tools, people, culture and process.  We work with your team to surface shop floor to boardroom innovation ideas and support you to bring them to life, and reap the value.


Start with a COMPLIMENTARY INNOVATION ASSESSMENT TODAY and find out how ready you are to innovate.

mark ullah growth and innovation consulting

12-Month Business Success Accelerator Program

Are you looking to make a business acquisition? Or have you recently acquired a business? Do you want to ensure the success of your venture in the crucial first year of ownership?

We work with new owners to transition you into your new business successfully over 12 months, with support across key areas of business.

Case Studies

Explore Latest Case Studies

  • Do you only work with Medium to Large companies?
    Mostly, yes. However, if you are not mid-market or enterprise and feel like your growth has plateaued, and you’re ready to change it – I can help solve that. Again, the key factor here is your desire to grow & invest – if that’s there, I can make it a reality.
  • Will you help us hire new staff?
    Absolutely. After 1000s of interviews over time, I’ll help you find and hire top-notch talent to fuel your growth. Plus, I will leverage my network to connect you to the best thought leaders and growth mindsets that will help you kick your goals.
  • How much do you charge?
    Firstly, am I the cheapest? No. Will I give you the best chance of supercharging your growth? Absolutely. Remember – 50% of the hires you make, will likely fail and more than 60% of your new innovative ideas will fail if you don't commercialise them properly. There’s a lot of time & money wasted in the process. Get it right from the get-go, with proven experts.
  • Who is your ideal client?
    Any business with revenues between $2m - $20m who are prepared to invest at least 10% of revenues to develop in-organic, innovative growth opportunities, and differentiate their business from their competitors.
  • Why would you use me to accelerate your growth?
    With a proven track record in innovation, I've propelled growth, incubated new ventures, and launched groundbreaking products for both small businesses and enterprises. By marrying cutting-edge technology with strategic foresight, I've unearthed unexplored market opportunities and transformed concepts into tangible successes. Leading agile teams, I've driven rapid prototyping and iterative development, ensuring our solutions not only meet but exceed market demands. From pioneering business models to navigating complex regulatory landscapes, I've delivered impactful results, cementing my reputation as a catalyst for sustainable growth and market disruption. If that's not enough for you, put me to the test by aligning my success with your success - I'll happily discuss a joint risk reward engagement model where I only win, if you win!!!
  • Will you do the execution of the Strategy or Plan?
    For the most part, no. You’ll find a lot better and cheaper resources to do the execution. My role is to create a robust strategy that will, without a doubt, accelerate or create new revenue. Plus, I will monitor, coach and maximize the returns you get from the “executors” and your team.
  • Will you work with my current team?
    Absolutely. My goal is to supercharge your team, and eventually walk away when you’re smashing your goals. This includes working with your current team, hiring new staff members, exiting current staff (if needed) and assisting with training and beyond.

FAQ's, Answered

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Free up your time to focus on growth and innovation, maximizing your potential and unlocking new possibilities for your business.

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